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RPA and Intelligent Automation

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Speed and quality are two core concepts that dictate the company's ability to set the right price. A price which the customer will accept and that you can make money on. As the landscape has become bigger than ever, it needs to be made more efficient to do more than before.

Customer systems can be integrated directly into the company's solutions, and public reporting is no longer just a market standard, where all companies have an employee to submit the documentation in the same way. There are many opportunities, and constantly solutions that the company has not yet exploited.

The benefits of digitisation

Speed ​​and quality are the right core concepts - also for an agenda for automation. Automation must be quick to set up and quick to take down, and it must create value and quality in the tasks that are performed automatically. A strong automation agenda can ensure that one can scale upwards without additional costs or downwards without loss of core competencies. That you can adapt to special market requirements and customers' wishes for extra controls without having to hire new employees. That you get uniformity into your data structures, so that you can better report and gain insight into your business.

At Baker Tilly, we work with automation and robotics across computer systems. We turn on the power and do the work.

We know that companies cannot stand alone but must interact with more and more external systems at customers, suppliers, or public actors.

These interactions must be made as automatic and standardised as possible, and we help all the way:

  • From automation and digitisation of forms to e.g., stock status, area survey or new orders
  • Over automatic approval flow, ordering of goods and registration in finance and production systems
  • For reporting and invoicing

Let Baker Tilly help you with RPA and automation

Automation is dictated by processes and systems, but processes and systems are dictated by the business plan. Therefore, the approach is to understand what drives your business, so that we can automate the right places and with the right tools.

And of course, also ensure that the solution can be used in operation. Because if it does not work - then it does not matter.

We work with several different solutions within RPA, workflows, and low code applications. We are happy to take a free and non-binding brainstorm with you on how you can cheaply, easily, and safely achieve the goal of automating the right things in the right way.

Customer examples
Automation of bank reconciliation process
Baker Tilly assisted the customer with both consultancy and the development of an RPA that automated the customer's bank reconciliation process.
Complex process of creating cases
Baker Tilly developed an app solution that could start and create a flow in the case creation process for the customer, freeing up resources with the employees.
From e-conomic to Business Central
Baker Tilly provided consultancy to the customer and acted as an implementation partner in the upgrade of e-conomic to Business Central
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Mazdak Rahimzadeh
Digitalization Director