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Upgrade from C5 to e-conomic

Feb 26, 2023

The company is a trading company with customer activities in most of the Nordic region.

The customer wanted to convert their old financial system into a new financial system. Their financial system at the time, C5, was an older financial system that could not handle any form of digital keeping. In addition, all tasks had to be performed manually.

At Baker Tilly, we advised the customer to convert their old financial system to e-conomic. The decision was based on the economy and the need put forward by the customer. Their needs were limited to simple bookkeeping with a limited number of transactions and a desire for a cloud-based solution. Added to this was the economics of the change, where e-conomic is approximately 10 times cheaper than other common economics systems on the market.

The conversion and the system’s training were all done in one day.

Advantages of e-conomic

  • Facilitation of the new bookkeeping law is possible
  • Automation and digitisation of vouchers
  • A more agile system than previous
  • Better voucher flow
  • The possibility of further digitisation and automation. Easy integration in connection with customising their system with 3rd party applications.
Photo of Mazdak Rahimzadeh
Mazdak Rahimzadeh
Digitalization Director

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