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Sales Preparation

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Selling one’s life work is an event that most people only experience once in their life

It will typically involve several experts to maximise sales revenue.

Our experience shows that the earlier you start preparing for a future sale, the greater the probability of a sale and for the greatest possible sales proceeds.

In the process, Baker Tilly can offer:

  • Clarification of the owner's success criteria for succession or change of ownership. Valuation of the company, including choice of valuation method depending on the type of company, industry, and the size of the company
  • Clarification of the internal and external conditions for the company, which affect the valuation of the company, whether the company is ready for sale and the chances of a successful sale. In this connection, we look e.g. at matters relating to
    - Products, services and innovation levels
    - Market
    - Customers
    - Competition
    - Organisation, employees and management
    - Knowledge and qualifications
    - Production and delivery capacity
    - Systems, administration and reporting
    - Buyer interest as well as possible synergies, both domestic and abroad
  • Other special factors of importance to the company's value creation, cost structure, etc., which give a potential buyer an accurate view of the company's earning capacity, including the possibilities to
    - optimise the ownership structure for tax purposes
    - optimise other tax and VAT conditions
    - optimise tied-up capital
    - optimise reporting documentation to support earning capacity
  • Other value optimisation of the company

We represent the owner and are his advisor in connection with the sale of the company, where we, among other things, handle the following:

  • Valuation
  • Assessment of the best possible transaction model, including tax challenges/opportunities
  • Preparation of a seller’s due diligence
  • Preparation of information material for potential buyers
  • Creation of data space
  • Identification of, contact with and negotiation with potential buyers
  • Assessment of potential buyers and their bids
  • Completion of the transaction

Are you interested in hearing more about sales preparation?

Want to know more about the sales preparation of your company? In that case, contact Baker Tilly for a non-committal meeting where we can discuss your considerations and company matters.

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Gert Mortensen
Managing Partner, Corporate Finance