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At Baker Tilly, we perform financial auditing with the latest audit tools and with an approach to the audit task that ensures security for both the capital owners, creditors and other users of financial statements

Our employees have competencies that ensure a high-quality financial audit - and in accordance with international auditing standards and additional requirements in Danish legislation. We continuously focus on improvements in the company's internal business procedures, bookkeeping and financial matters and strive to come up with improvement proposals so that our customers can gain financial added value from the audit. Our customers are in many business industries, but we also audit housing associations, schools, institutions, etc.

Our auditing services

Extended analysis and review

There has long been a tradition of a statutory audit for all companies in Denmark. In recent years this requirement has been eased for all companies in accounting class B, which now have the option to choose a declaration on an extended audit review as an alternative.
Extended analysis and review

Assistance with the preparation of accounts and electronic reporting

We assist in preparing the annual accounts so the requirements of The Danish Financial Statements Act have been met.
Assistance with the preparation of accounts and electronic reporting

Opting out of an audit

Before opting out of an audit, we recommend that management carefully considers opting out and assesses who actually uses the accounts.
Opting out of an audit


At Baker Tilly, we have extensive experience in the preparation of consolidated accounts, as well as managing the process of group audits.

Other declarations

At Baker Tilly, we help our clients with other types of declarations, both for external and internal use.
Other declarations
Photo of Thomas Clausen
Thomas Clausen
CEO, State Authorised Public Accountant, Partner
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Helle Brandt Møller
State Authorised Public Accountant, Partner
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