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We assist a large number of individuals, company owners and companies with tax optimisation within the following areas:

Income tax

If you need advice to stay updated on new legislation, and changes in rules and practices – both to the company and the employee.
Income tax

Business and corporation tax

If you need help on accounting policies and international legislation.
Business and corporation tax

Limited partnership - advice and optimisation

If you have passive investment in property, wind turbines or solar farms.
Limited partnership - advice and optimisation

Corporate tax scheme

If you operate your company as a partnership, limited partnership company, sole trader, or you have invested in, for example, property for your children or a limited partnership stake.
Corporate tax scheme

Transfer Pricing

If you have more than 250 full-time employees, or more than 250 million in revenue and more than 125 million in balance sheet total.
Transfer Pricing
Furthermore we can assist you on
Succession/change of ownership
Are you going to sell or transfer your business sometime in the future? The answer is always YES – always keep this in mind when planning/changing your company structure.
Expat tax (posting and secondment)
Globalisation has led to more and more companies facing a growing international workforce, and therefore more rules concerning tax, social security and immigration.
Oresund taxation
The tax rules for commuters and people posted across the Oresund have changed in recent years. We focus on being up to date on the rules and continually assess the optimisation options.
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