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Baker Tilly has leading experience in providing advice on Media & Entertainment and works closely with many large and small film producers and distributors in Denmark

Our expertise within this field and our special competencies regarding auditing and preparation of film accounts mean that all aspects are always considered, so you get the best possible advice.

We are a leader in the Danish market and have a strong focus on quality and details in our work. We emphasise direct personal service combined with a high professional standard, which makes us the natural choice for many film producers and distributors. We take pride in assisting owners and management with proactive and relevant feedback in accounting and tax matters.

In order to comply with the Danish Film Institute’s terms of support, film producers must submit a number of accounts and statements to the Institute. Our specialists have great insight into the industry's special accounting challenges and stay constantly updated in the field. That is why we are often our clients' preferred trusted adviser.

Baker Tilly can assist you with the following tasks, among others:

  • Audit including preparation of:
    • Development accounts
    • Launch accounts
    • Festival accounts
    • Production accounts
  • Audit of income statements
  • Statutory and voluntary audit of the company's Annual Report
  • Tax treatment and optimisation of the film's production costs

All companies are on the move. The choices you make for your business, both opt-in and opt-out, create movement.

Our specialists are ready to answer your questions and for a non-committal meeting on how Baker Tilly can assist you and/or your film company.

Photo of Ramazan Turan
Ramazan Turan
State Authorised Public Accountant, Partner
Photo of Helle Brandt Møller
Helle Brandt Møller
State Authorised Public Accountant, Partner