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Corporate Finance

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At Baker Tilly Corporate Finance, we advise business owners and companies in connection with the acquisition and sale of companies (M&A) as well as capital injections, including stock exchange listings (on Nasdaq First North).

Every business transaction - regardless of size - is the key to growth and continued development, but a successful transaction also depends on the right decision being made on the best possible basis for the decision and with the goal in mind. Whether this is increased growth, higher profitability, larger market shares or improved competitiveness minimising the risks always associated with a transaction.

Based on many years of experience from many completed transactions, we offer our customers result-oriented advice within company acquisitions and sales as well as capital injections. We have built a reputation for working closely with our customers to meet the goal of creating a successful transaction and the best return for all parties. This is possible because we are a local company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We have the expertise and strength and the resources that lie in being part of a global network. All for the benefit of our customers.

Our services:

  • Advice in connection with the purchase and sale of a company, successions, and mergers
  • Advice in connection with capital injection
  • Valuations

Our organisation:

We are part of Baker Tilly in Denmark and Baker Tilly International with skilled and competent advisers locally and worldwide. For each task, we are therefore able to set the best team - depending on the purpose and scope of the task.

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Gert Mortensen

Gert has worked as corporate finance adviser for more than 25 years and has, among other things, provided consulting to both larger and smaller Danish and international companies about sales, mergers and corporate takeovers.

Corporate Finance services

Succession/change of ownership

Are you going to sell or transfer your business sometime in the future? The answer is always YES – always keep this in mind when planning/changing your company structure.

Sales Preparation

Selling one’s life work is an event that most people only experience once in their life
Photo of Gert Mortensen
Gert Mortensen
Managing Partner, Corporate Finance

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