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Around the world or around the corner, Baker Tilly is ready to help.

Do you have international business?

Many of our clients have business opportunities internationally - and we are with them every step of the way.

Baker Tilly is a member of Baker Tilly International, which is the world’s 8th largest network of accounting and business advisory firms represented in 133 countries. Being a member gives us direct access to expert knowledge of national conditions in the other member states, which also benefits our clients. For example, when there are specific issues about taxation across national borders, or if a subsidiary has to file accounts abroad.

We can therefore help you when you are considering whether you need to look beyond national borders. Whether it concerns production, business partners, tax planning or something else, then Baker Tilly is your international advantage.

Global services

Turkish desk

Your platform for a successful start in Turkey

German desk

Your platform for a successful start in Denmark

Expat tax (posting and secondment)

Globalisation has led to more and more companies facing a growing international workforce, and therefore more rules concerning tax, social security and immigration.

Oresund taxation

The tax rules for commuters and people posted across the Oresund have changed in recent years. We focus on being up to date on the rules and continually assess the optimisation options.
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Ramazan Turan
State Authorised Public Accountant, Partner

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