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With a solid foundation of knowledge and experience, we can compare chain stores and find out what the best ones do better and learn from them.

Want to know who makes the money in the chain and how they do it?

In any voluntary chain, some members make more money than others. Baker Tilly can help you find out who it is. There is always an explanation for why some members are doing better than others. This explanation is beneficial for the management in the voluntary chain. If you can get sure knowledge of what the best in the chain is doing better than everyone else, you can be inspired by their method and use that inspiration to strengthen the weaker links in your company. Baker Tilly has developed a tool that gives you a series of comparative figures in an internal benchmark that allows you to bring out the best in the voluntary chain.

With the tool, you get access to:

  • to decode the chain's Best Practice
  • to see and discuss selected numbers versus the chain average and the best 20%

With these basic numbers in hand, you can offer members a tool for specific and up-to-date business development information. This can be a sales pitch just as natural as other selling points such as common procurement agreements, common marketing, and identical signage on the storefronts.  When you benchmark with the best of the members in a voluntary chain you can easily increase the profitability among the rest. Baker Tilly helps you find the best 20% and an explanation for their success.

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Want to know how we can help you get basic numbers for your voluntary chain?

At Danbolig A/S, we use benchmark figures to identify best practices among the top 20% of businesses in the chain. This allows us to quickly and effectively pinpoint areas where we can optimize profitability. The new tool provides current, concrete inspiration, and we also use it as a crucial benchmark for the entire chain.

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