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Strategic decisions require knowing what the game board looks like.

Today companies have large amounts of data available that can tell them what the board looks like to them right now. The problem is that data alone is not enough. Although we constantly hear that data is gold, it is most comparable to an old attic space! There is guaranteed to be a lot of gold hidden up there, but it requires insight and understanding before one can figure out what has value.

The value of data

With BI and analytics, we connect knowledge to your business. Based on a solid understanding of what drives you, we design with you an overview of key reports and analyses that can help you make the right decisions. Sometimes it just requires that a quarterly report in Excel is turned into a daily automated report; other times we find that data from different departments can be combined in a new way that provides an insight into the coverage rate not seen before.

It often turns out that a primary activity such as audit and reporting is one of the biggest time wasters for office workers. Therefore, a structured approach to data and reporting using modern business intelligence solutions also often results in increased efficiency and automation in precisely these functions.

Examples of reports can e.g., be:

  • Project management and cost of sales
  • Contribution ratio per employee
  • Profit per product category
  • Clients’ consumption patterns
    - and much more

We are happy to have a meeting, free and non-binding, on how you can build models for insight into your core business. Models which do not take too much time to make.

At Baker Tilly, we believe that insight enables action. Let's talk about how insight turns into growth for your business.

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Mazdak Rahimzadeh
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