Digitisation of business functions

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Why is it relevant to think about digitisation in your company and when does it make sense?

More than ever, modern businesses need to be able to move quickly. In addition to the normal pressure from domestic and foreign market players, there is now also an increasing focus on less loyal consumers, changing purchasing channels and consumption patterns faster than ever before. At the same time, we hear everywhere that it is the digital transformation that must enable us to meet these changes, but the nagging feeling is all the time that we are not just one, but several steps behind.

In many cases, this leads you to rush out to acquire the next digital "gadget", which you probably heard at a network meeting that all the others used. And that kind of "hype" has been bought and sold for not just millions, but billions over the last few years. Without the nagging feeling disappearing.

Baker Tilly Digital

At Baker Tilly we believe in 2 things:

  1. That the digital transition is imperative
  2. That there is reason and time to take an extra pause before moving on

Because digitisation has just begun to deal with the business plan itself, the business plan must be recorded before digitising. Insight must be created in the right areas just as, above all, value-creating activities must be automated and streamlined. We look at the entire business and all core processes, from a customer placing an order until the item is delivered, and the money is in the account.

Feel free to book us for a free and non-binding brainstorming meeting, where we can identify how the effect is created in exactly your company.

And we look at whether the very core processes are already supported by systems or not before we recommend new software as a possible solution. In this way, digitalisation is anchored in the understanding of your company - and not in a sale of a specific solution. And we believe that understanding enables development.

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Mazdak Rahimzadeh
Digitalization Director

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