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From e-conomic to Business Central

Feb 26, 2023

The customer has an office in Denmark and production abroad

They used the financial system e-conomic, which is a system that cannot handle different modules. This means that the customer, in addition to the financial system, manually handled the inventory in Excel, the production management in Excel, and the communication through Gmail and Dropbox for documents.

The customer's challenges

The company's rapid growth made using e-conomic as a financial system more complex. This is due to the many manual processes that came with the financial system's inability to communicate with the remaining programs. The challenges with e-conomic financial system were the following:

  1. No transparency
  2. Inefficiency
  3. Outnumber manual processes -> prone to mistakes

Therefore, the customer needed to implement a new financial system that could automate the entire process.

The customer with the e-conomic solution:

No communication between the systems. Manual inventory and production management and a financial system which cannot handle two CVR numbers.

Business Central - Connects the elements of your business

Baker Tilly provided consultancy to the customer and acted as an implementation partner in the upgrade of e-conomic to Business Central.

In the implementation of Business Central, companies must make use of Microsoft licenses as a minimum. Therefore, the first step in the implementation was for the customer to replace Gmail and Dropbox with Outlook and SharePoint. After this, Baker Tilly could begin the upgrade of the old financial system to Business Central.

Baker Tilly also advised the customer to replace the CRM system. The customer switched from Hubspot to DynamicsGO, which is Microsoft's version of a CRM system. The advantage of this switch was that the CRM system was a Microsoft product, and this meant that it was now possible for the system to communicate with Business Central and thus automate the business part relating to customer relations.

Advantages of Business Central:

  1. Both the customer's Danish and foreign accounts, i.e. two CVR numbers, can run in the same system and 'talk' to each other
  2. Inventory and production warehouse are part of Business Central. All processes and changes associated with these are updated automatically.

E-conomic vs Business Central

The customer - after the Business Central solution:

All systems can communicate with each other, which means that most processes can be automated.

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Mazdak Rahimzadeh
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