Ole Schmidt

Registered public accountant, Partner

In addition to providing a high-quality auditing, Ole focuses on providing productive assistance and consulting in relation to business development and strategy work. Here he shows great commitment in cooperating with his customers.  Furthermore, Ole uses his in-depth customer focus to advise ownership managers on optimisation of conditions in the area of interaction between owner and company.  Special focus is on the optimisation of tax and profit.

Ole has a large network in the business sector of Funen.

Selected competencies
  • Specialised in auditing and consulting of ownership managers and owner-managed companies
  • Productive assistance relating to strategy and business development
  • Counselling of ownership managers about conditions in the field between owner and company
  • The link to our international partnership with Baker Tilly International
  • Danish
  • English
  • German
Ole Schmidt ole@bakertilly.dk
Ole Schmidt +45 4043 9303
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Citat fra Baker TillyOle is specialised in all aspects of assisting and advising ownership managers and owner-managed companies. Today he assists some of the larger owner-managed companies on Funen”.

Ole Schmidt

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