Baker Tilly Denmark from 1987 and forward


A new global network for accounting firms is established in 1987 under the name Summit International Associates, Inc. The network is represented in 20 countries by 50 firms, which combined revenues of US$200m. It ranks 22nd in the world.


The Baker Tilly name can be traced way back to 1870 and was created by a merger between Baker Rooke and Howard Tilly.


Stephen Flesch steps down as CEO & President of the Summit International after 13 years in the role. Geoff Barnes, former regional chair of the network’s EMEA region, is appointed the new CEO & President. The network’s headquarters move from New York to London.


Summit International Associates Inc. changes its name to Baker Tilly International and breaks into the top 10 of the International Accounting Bulletin World Survey, with combined revenues of U$$1.4bn.


Staff numbers worldwide exceed 20,000.


The network coverage extends to over 100 countries.


One of only two of the world’s top 10 networks to report positive revenue growth.


The network records combined revenues of its member firms of U$$3.2bn, ranking 8th in the world. The network is represented by 24,000 people in 642 offices across 149 firms in 125 countries. Athos in Copenhagen becomes a member of Baker Tilly International.


Athos in Copenhagen and Dansk Revison Hunderup in Odense and Kolding merger and change name to Baker Tilly Denmark Godkendt Revisionspartnerselskab.


Baker Tilly International announces that from June 2016 Ted Verkade will be the new CEO & President of the Baker Tilly International network as Geoff Barnes will retire. Today the network is represented by 27,000 people in 693 offices across 154 firms in 133 countries.


Baker Tilly International has been named the winner of the prestigious Network of the Year Award at The Accountant & International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) awards 2016.


On 1 May Baker Tilly took over Dansk Retail Services intending to strengthen its business activities. In connection with the acquisition, the owner of Dansk Retail Services, Jørgen Callesen joined as partner and head of Baker Tilly’s Corporate Services Department. After the acquisition of Dansk Retail Services, Baker Tilly employs 115 people.


On 1 January Gert Mortensen joined Baker Tilly as Managing Partner of Corporate Finance in Denmark and at the same time also as Partner of Baker Tilly Denmark. Gert has worked as Corporate Finance Adviser for more than 20 years and has advised both large and small Danish and international companies on private and public placements, mergers and acquisitions having completed a significant number of transactions within a wide range of industries. Moreover, he has held the position as Certified Adviser and has been the lead adviser on many IPOs and listings of Danish companies on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Copenhagen since 2005.


Ida Helena Gert Jensen joins as partner.


Baker Tilly opens new office in Sorø. Anne Cathrine Nielsen and Christian Hansen joins as partners.