Financial system and ERP

What is an ERP system? ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning.

The financial system is the heart of the business because it manages and organises the most central parts of earnings. Therefore, you must have a financial system that suits your business. Is it too big, too expensive, or too small, and do you have to handle critical processes manually or in Excel? But what makes a financial system just right? And when will it become an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)?

We know your business

At Baker Tilly, we know the current financial systems on the market. We know what their strengths are and when you should consider switching to a new system. It can e.g. be when you have too many transactions for your current system, or when you need better stock management or automated purchasing. There are several reasons why companies need a new financial system, but when the number of Excel sheets becomes overwhelming then it is often the right time for a talk. The system is simply not powerful enough for all the data processes which the company needs.

Feel free to contact us for a free and non-binding conversation about why you are not happy with your current system, or what could be different with a new financial system or ERP. We help record key core processes in the company, so we know what kind of new system is right for you. Then, we advise about which systems will be able to solve your challenges - and help you well on the way to successful implementation by defining requirements and business cases.

We are happy to act both as a primary adviser on the project - or as a second opinion, you can trust.

Customer example:

From e-conomic to Business Central

Baker Tilly provided consultancy to the customer and acted as an implementation partner in the upgrade of e-conomic to Business Central.

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Mazdak Rahimzadeh

Mazdak Rahimzadeh

Digitalization Director