Interim Service

Our Interim Service provides companies and government agencies with additional capabilities without increasing overheads.

Interim Service is a variable cost that is only used in the periods when the need truly exists.

Start with a no-obligation chat and learn more about how we can help you. Most companies experience peaks in the finance function in connection with filing annual accounts, in special situations such as a merger, acquisition, sale, long-term absences/leave or during a recruitment process. During these periods Baker Tilly offers to temporarily resources.

Besides emergency assistance in the finance function, our Interim Services include:
  • Preparation of material for external audit
  • Preparation of reporting
  • Budget and forecast
  • Management reporting
  • Income and expense analysis

Our staff has experience in audit assignments, as well as in various financial functions. Baker Tilly can step in at short notice and offer resources at different levels and for the time you need them.


Kamilla Schultz

Kamilla Schultz

Onboarding Specialist